“I met so many different people in the world of Salsa…You end up having a new circle of friends ” – Alex Pace Interview Baila Productions Salsa Student


What we offer

1. Four Latin Dances: Salsa, Merengue, Cha-Cha-Cha and Bachata
2. Registration with or without partner
3. Always Two teachers per class
4. The best Balanced ratio of men/women in the business
5. Spacious studios

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Or Phone Us 450-663-5278



Baila Productions Laval Salsa School
Inside Val-des-Arbres Sport Complex
1555 St-Martin Est Laval


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Laval group lessons rate

One session 10 lessons of 1h 143.50+tx = 164.99

Salsa Mommy and Baby

One session 10 lessons of 45min 143.50+tx = 164.99
Highly concentrated fun guaranteed !
Privates available.
If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, we will gladly refund you the remaining classes.

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Created in 2005, Baila Productions Dance School in Laval, like our other schools, specializes in teaching Salsa to all those who think they have two left feet. 🙂
With or without a partner, come dance with us at our spacious studio that is easily accessible.
Interesting fact: 40% of our students were all recommended by their friends.
Also, our Laval Studio is where you can come practice every 1st friday of each month at 8h30pm.

Learn Salsa in a couple of weeks only. In our Laval dance school you will learn latin dances in a fun and relaxed environment. With or without partner, we offer Salsa, Merengue, Cha-Cha-Cha and bachata classes. Come and visit our spacious Laval dance studios. Reserve a spot today!


Baila Productions Laval Salsa Dance School (450) 663-5278

Next Beginner level June 5th, August 10th and 28th  – Sign up now ! Places limited !
Next Salsa Mommy baby class Tuesday August 8th, 2017
*this schedule is subject to change


Summer Schedule ( June )

Monday : 7pm – 8:30pm ( Starts June 5th – 5 classes )

Bachata Beginner – Inter
Thursday : 7pm – 8:30pm ( 4 classes starts June 8th )

Bachata Advanced
Thursday : 8:30pm-10pm  ( 4 classes – starts June 8th )

Casino Rueda
Tuesday : 7pm-8pm ( 4 classes – starts June 6th )

Ladystyling Beginner – Inter
Wednesday: 7pm-8pm ( 4 classes – starts June 7th )

Ladystyling Advanced
Tuesday: 8pm-9pm ( 4 classes – starts June 6th )

Salsa Jam
Tuesday : 9pm-10pm ( 4 classes – starts June 6th )

Belly Dancing Intro
Wednesday: 8pm-9pm ( 4 classes – starts June 6th )

Inscrivez-vous en ligne à partir du 1er mai  – Places limitées


Regular Schedule ( August )

Monday : 6:45pm – 8pm ( Starts August 21th )
Thursday : 7pm – 8pm ( Starts August 10th )

Inter 1
Monday: 8pm – 9pm ( Starts August 7th )
Thursday : 8pm – 9pm ( Starts August 10th )

Inter 2
Monday: 9pm-10pm ( Starts August 7th)
Tuesday : 7pm – 8pm ( Starts August 8th )

Advanced 1
Wednesday: 7pm – 8pm ( Starts August 9th )

Advanced 2
Wednesday: 8pm – 9pm ( Starts August 9th )

Advanced 3
Wednesday: 9pm-10pm ( Starts August 9th )
Thursday: 9pm-10pm ( Starts August 10th )

Salsa Mommy Baby
Tuesday: 10am-10:45am ( Starts August 8th )

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