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Irish Salsa Dancers

Ive been dancing and performing for the last 15 years. My goal was to always create original choreographies. I try to follow my heart and passion when I create. Never in my life did I expect people to stand up after this performance. It was a gift straight to heart. Here’s an insight on how I proceed when I create a new piece. First I have a flash… It could be a song I heard, a costume I imagined, a movie I saw, a discussion I had… this creates the initial idea. If it sticks in my head I know I’m onto something. For this choreography, on my way out of our studio, I heard the song Correla (Salsa Celtica) that one of our teachers was playing. I said right away: what is that? Irish and salsa music together? It got my attention… but at that time I was intimidated by that song and the idea of learning the basics of Irish dancing. I knew Irish dancing was hard… really hard… so I dropped the idea… Then one day, I was playing the song and my partner turned around and said… you have to do and Irish Salsa choreo on this tune. At that moment, I knew that I had to do it… the stars were aligning ;) Next step : Presenting the idea to our troupe ;) You should’ve seen the eyes of our salsa troupe when I told them that we are gonna do a Irish inspired salsa dance performance and that we are going to take Irish dance lessons. Those moments I love … cause it always starts with a feeling of this is impossible and ends with a feeling of we [...]

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Excellence Grant for a Dancing Rising Star

Baila Productions Salsa School is proud to be an active participant in our community by offering a 1000$ donation to the "Fondation du Collège Montmorency". We had the privilege to give this grant to Alexandra Caron for her excellence in the College's dance program. Congrats to all for you hard work! Ilias Benz

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My biggest mistake in dance

When I started dancing it wasn’t long until I started performing on a stage. I don’t know if it’s due to talent or because there weren’t a lot of great male dancers back then. Anyway, I quickly started to enjoy my time on stage. This was truly partly as a result of spending most of my life playing instruments in a music group and putting on shows. I therefore felt at home on a stage. When I started performing, I was rarely satisfied after leaving the stage. I used to criticize myself a lot, thinking it was normal not to feel satisfied in order to continue to improve. At the end of a show, I highlighted every bad moment. In short, I was hammering myself without even noticing it. I then had an experience that changed my perception of things. I had the chance to choreograph and dance a piece with my friend Audrey Gaussiran; to me she was – and still is – one of Montréal’s best salsa dancers. We performed our routine about ten times. As usual, from the very first performance, my old habits kicked back in; I was barely off of the stage that I was already obsessing with what went wrong. Not forgetting, above all, that I was afraid to make mistakes. I went on like this during 8 performances. I knew we had 2 last performances before the end of our collaboration, and something magical happened on the 9th show. Just a few seconds before going on stage I told myself, “I’m very lucky to be dancing with a dancer of that caliber, and this time I’ll be dancing for her”. Well, this is one of the performances I [...]

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