I discovered Salsa when a friend of mine brought me to a club. I was very anxious but right away, I fell in love with the music, the rhythms and this dance. Following that evening, I started taking salsa lessons. It was a revelation for me. The love that I felt and still feel for this latin dance made me stand out. Quickly, I joined the Montecristo dance troupe in Montreal and started to teach. At a steady pace, I refined my teaching and dancing techniques.

After a couple of years, I graduated in Psychoeducation and left Montreal to go to Asia. I spent 2 years exploring this continent that haunted my childhood imagination. During my trip, I founded the Baila Latin Dance Studio in Taiwan. After a few months, more than a hundred students were attending classes… I have to say that they are many people living in Taiwan! Nonetheless, I was very surprised by the taiwanese interest for Salsa. At the beginning, it was fairly tricky to communicate because of language and cultural barriers but the dance itself helped bridge this communication gap. During that time, I gave multiple salsa workshops, choreographed shows and had the opportunity to associate myself with many dancers that had international careers.

Finally, I came back to Montreal, my home town, to continue to promote and teach my first love in this domain: Salsa. Currently, I’m interested in many styles of dances and the pleasure I feel doing it drives me further to express my own style!!!

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Disco Salsa
Michael bublé
Salsa + Casse-noisette
Salsa + Bollywood

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How to dry hair using Salsa dancing

More than 14 years of experience in teaching and performing Salsa


  • Musicality Workshop and Dance Troup performance at Fiesta Carnaval à Québec



  • Musicality Workshop at Madessimo Madness (Bromont Salsa Congress)
  • Produced theDiverDanse event
  • Coordinated the Salsa Mommy Class for la Galère Radio Canada
  • Training in New York with Baila Society, Franklin Diaz, Salomon…
  • Raised 720$ for MJG (Fibrose Kystique)
  • Troup performance at Salsa Fair Gatineau, H4L, Canada Salsa Congress and Bromont Salsa Congress (Madessimo Madness)
  • Musicality Workshop Fiesta Carnaval Québec
  • creation
  • Free performance for Weekend to endcancer funraiser



  • Taught a music workshop at Madessimo Madness Granby
  • Performed at Salsa Fair Gatineau
  • Performed Fiesta Carnaval Quebec
  • Taught Body Isolations workshop Fiesta Carnaval Quebec



  • Gave a Latin Dance conference at Gabrielle Roy Library
  • Performed at Festival de Salsa de Québec
  • Performed at Montreal Salsa Convention
  • Taught a workshop at Fiesta Carnaval Quebec
  • Participated and taught a workshop at the Faith and Light fundraiser
  • Taught a latin dance class at Polyvalente des Sources
  • Performed at Gala Espéranza
  • Performed for the Canadian Cancer Society West-Island Relay for Life
  • Completed ladystyling training in Boston – Project Styling Masacote



  • Performed at GrooveTown X-Mas Party
  • Performed at Gala Espéranza at l’École Internationale de Laval
  • Performed at Tennis 13 – “Et Si On Dansait” evening
  • Performed for Ste-Justine Hospital fundraiser



  • Lifts and dips Workshops at Festival de Salsa à Québec
  • Performance Montreal Salsa Convention



  • Salsa Glam New Year Eve Performance, Delta Montreal



  • 3rd place at the Extreme Salsa Competition Metropolis
  • Choregraphed SalsaOnClave dance troupe for the Montreal Salsa convention
  • Performances at Salsatheque, Metropolis, la Station Longueuil, Moka Danse, Arthur Murray’s Event ‘danser pour la non-violence’, Sambuca Granby



  • Gave Salsa workshops in Casablanca Morocco
  • 3rd place professional Salsa competition Salsatheque
  • Co-Choregraphed SalsaOnClave dance troupe for the Salsa X show
  • Salsa dance teacher at school



  • Founded Baila Dance Studio in West-Island, Montreal Canada



  • Taught Multiple workshops in Taipei and Taichung Taiwan



  • Latin Dance Show for the President of Taiwan



  • Founded the Baila Dance Studio in Kaohsuing,Taiwan
  • Psychoeducation B.A.



  • Teacher at the Montecristo Dance Studio, Montreal, Canada
  • Dancer in the Montecristo Dance Troupe



  • First class…..