At the early age of 4, I made my first steps in Folk dancing and Jig. Already, I was crazy about dancing. Afterward, I took on Ballet Jazz and Classical Ballet classes in my hometown community center. It gave me the ambition to join a dance school, to push myself to new limits and eventually perform with a troop.

From 1986 to 1998, I refined my Jazz and Modern dancing skills, but I also flirted with Hip Hop. During that time, I also taught, dancing to kids. Following my fondness for dancing, in 2001, I discovered Salsa, which, since then, as never left my life.

First and foremost, I dance for fun, but I also find it important to constantly improve myself. In that sense, I travel to New-York every year to learn from the best teachers and to partake in conventions. Presently, I’m a member of the Salsa On Clave Dance Troop. Dancing is a way to express myself: when I hit the dance floor time literary stops, you forget about all the little worries of life.

Viky Freestyle

Here’s a little list of some of the shows in which I performed:


  • Performance at the dream #3
  • Performance at “Vendredis Show de St-Adèle”



  • Animation and Performance at Lululemon Fairview Pointe-Claire



  • Montreal’s Salsa convention



  • Laval city’s honorary award
  • L’Oréal’s product launch



  • Laval city’s grant holder show



  • Cégep en spectacle



  • telethon Opération enfants soleil


1992 – 

  • Montreal 350th anniversary’s parade



  • Expo’s season opening


1986 to 1998

  • some festivities including le festival montréalais de la danse. Also open air shows at the centre de la nature de Laval