Irish Salsa Dancers

Ive been dancing and performing for the last 15 years. My goal was to always create original choreographies. I try to follow my heart and passion when I create. Never in my life did I expect people to stand up after this performance. It was a gift straight to heart. Here’s an insight on how I proceed when I create a new piece. First I have a flash… It could be a song I heard, a costume I imagined, a movie I saw, a discussion I had… this creates the initial idea. If it sticks in my head I know I’m onto something. For this choreography, on my way out of our studio, I heard the song Correla (Salsa Celtica) that one of our teachers was playing. I said right away: what is that? Irish and salsa music together? It got my attention… but at that time I was intimidated by that song and the idea of learning the basics of Irish dancing. I knew Irish dancing was hard… really hard… so I dropped the idea… Then one day, I was playing the song and my partner turned around and said… you have to do and Irish Salsa choreo on this tune. At that moment, I knew that I had to do it… the stars were aligning ;) Next step : Presenting the idea to our troupe ;) You should’ve seen the eyes of our salsa troupe when I told them that we are gonna do a Irish inspired salsa dance performance and that we are going to take Irish dance lessons. Those moments I love … cause it always starts with a feeling of this is impossible and ends with a feeling of we [...]