Salsa Congresses here we come !

Each year Baila Productions dance team participates in many congresses across Canada. Congresses are a unique moment to get together with amazing dancers and share our common passion : SALSA. For students its an opportunities to see world class performances and attend amazing workshops given by Salsa dancers at the top of their craft. Our 2 Latin dance troops will be performing at the following venues: April 2th-30th Congrès de Salsa Madessimo Madness à Grandy July 29th-30th Ottawa Salsa Congress Sept. 10th DiverDanse (our yearly show) October 6-10 Canada Salsa Congress (To be confirmed) Here are some clips of our past congresses Salsa Bromont 2014  Congrès de Salsa Québec Canada Salsa Congress If you have any questions please write in the comments below Ilias - École de Salsa Baila Productions