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When I create choreographies, I put myself in the position of a spectator and I imagine what would I like to see on stage. I Love pretty much all dances and I sincerely believe that every dance has some interesting things to explore. With this in mind, during the creation process I love mixing Salsa with other dances. This keeps me in a student mode, because often I have no idea how to dance this new dance that I blend with Salsa. Every year I set out to learn the basics of a new dance style and then I started the creativity adventure. I am not alone in this, these creations would not have been possible without the close collaboration of several choreographers. Whether it's student or professional dancers they also deserves much respect to believe in these projects and perform on stage. Here are the latest creations signed Baila Productions.

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Dancing on beat

One of the biggest challenges for a Salsa teacher is not to teach the moves themselves, but to help a student, who doesn't really have rhythm, understand the different Latin beats. Latin music is just like mathematics. Being a musician, I often ask myself : what does someone who starts dancing and has no musical background need to know. At this stage, I don't think that a long theoretical musical explanation helps anybody. By experience, every time I tried that approach, I saw their eyes literally go in a daze. I think that a realistic goal to have is to make our students more sensitive to Salsa music, considering that for some, latin music is a giant maelstrom of indiscernible instruments. First off, we can address music in a lot ways, but in its most simplistic form its basically mathematics: a never ending time divisions. Usually salsa dancers learn to dance on a 8 count, 4 and 8 being pauses. Thus, we can double up the counts in the same bar or time frame. At this point we can talk about a 16 count, a concept not too hard to understand for advanced students. the 16, being the "links" in between the 8 count. It is possible to do 32's and 64's as well, which will require great skills. Keeping the beat I would also like to address the rhythmic struggle faced by some. For an unknown reason, some people are better at keeping the beat than others. If I can give one tip to improve that aspect is to download a metronome app and practice at a ridiculously slow speed. Often, even the most experienced dancers will find it hard. They usually find it [...]

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Baila Productions donates 1000$ to rising star

Baila Productions Salsa School is proud to be an active participant in our community by offering a 1000$ donation to the "Fondation du Collège Montmorency". We had the privilege to give this grant to Brian-Manuel Arce-Mendez for her excellence in the College's dance program. Congrats to all for you hard work!

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Top 10 Salsa songs perfect for beginners

Here's my list of tried and tested Salsa songs that will suit any beginners.  When we start listening and dancing to salsa music, the most challenging thing is getting our ears used to those new rhythms. In some latin songs finding the beginning of a musical phrase is quite hard for us who are used to listening to pop rock music. So here's a list of songs that we use in class to help our students get acquainted with this new musical world. Most of these songs are not too fat, well recorded and have a clear musical phrase.  For those who use Spotify I included a playlist of a bunch of cool salsa tunes at the bottom. Enjoy ;) 1- Acid - Ray Barreto 2- Yamulemau - Joe Arroyo 3- Micaela - Sonora Carruseles 4- Llave - Grupo Latin Vibe 5- Fragilidad - Milagros Pinera & Sanmera 6 - Madamoiselle, Je vous aime - Haitiando 7- Por Retenerte - Los Titanes 8- Equivocado - Ray Torres y Su Orquesta 9- Pachita Eche - Celia Cruz with Tito Puento 10- Como Me Duele Perderte - Gloria Estefan Ilias / Owner Baila Productions Salsa school  

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Salsa Congresses here we come !

Each year Baila Productions dance team participates in many congresses across Canada. Congresses are a unique moment to get together with amazing dancers and share our common passion : SALSA. For students its an opportunities to see world class performances and attend amazing workshops given by Salsa dancers at the top of their craft. Our 2 Latin dance troops will be performing at the following venues: April 2th-30th Congrès de Salsa Madessimo Madness à Grandy July 29th-30th Ottawa Salsa Congress Sept. 10th DiverDanse (our yearly show) October 6-10 Canada Salsa Congress (To be confirmed) Here are some clips of our past congresses Salsa Bromont 2014  Congrès de Salsa Québec Canada Salsa Congress If you have any questions please write in the comments below Ilias - École de Salsa Baila Productions

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3 Questions I Would Have Liked Answers to When I Started Dancing

Q: What do I do with the styling that I learn? A: There are two large styling categories: the first one is based on the learning of general moves. This can translate into a short choreography or simply into studying the moves alone in front of a mirror. The second category consists of dancing in couples. For instance, we explore different variations of the Cross Body Lead. We put the arm movements into context. We usually start with the first category and proceed with the second one.   Q: Why should I buy dance shoes? A: Dance shoes are lighter than common shoes. They provide women’s ankles with better support. The sole is often made of suede which helps the dancer turn. You may purchase a brush to scrape the suede sole in order to stick a bit to the floor or to slide better.   Q: What is the footwork for? A: The footwork, commonly referred to as shines, originates from New York, more specifically from Eddie Torres. On the one hand, learning Shines aims to improve your style. On the other hand, it contributes to your balance and to your body’s memory. A further objective is to perform the steps with your partner on the dance floor without leading. At first, you use the footwork seen in class, but as you get more comfortable, your start improvising.

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