Top 10 Salsa songs perfect for beginners

Here's my list of tried and tested Salsa songs that will suit any beginners.  When we start listening and dancing to salsa music, the most challenging thing is getting our ears used to those new rhythms. In some latin songs finding the beginning of a musical phrase is quite hard for us who are used to listening to pop rock music. So here's a list of songs that we use in class to help our students get acquainted with this new musical world. Most of these songs are not too fat, well recorded and have a clear musical phrase.  For those who use Spotify I included a playlist of a bunch of cool salsa tunes at the bottom. Enjoy ;) 1- Acid - Ray Barreto 2- Yamulemau - Joe Arroyo 3- Micaela - Sonora Carruseles 4- Llave - Grupo Latin Vibe 5- Fragilidad - Milagros Pinera & Sanmera 6 - Madamoiselle, Je vous aime - Haitiando 7- Por Retenerte - Los Titanes 8- Equivocado - Ray Torres y Su Orquesta 9- Pachita Eche - Celia Cruz with Tito Puento 10- Como Me Duele Perderte - Gloria Estefan Ilias / Owner Baila Productions Salsa school