Eye Candy

When I create choreographies, I put myself in the position of a spectator and I imagine what would I like to see on stage. I Love pretty much all dances and I sincerely believe that every dance has some interesting things to explore. With this in mind, during the creation process I love mixing Salsa with other dances. This keeps me in a student mode, because often I have no idea how to dance this new dance that I blend with Salsa. Every year I set out to learn the basics of a new dance style and then I started the creativity adventure. I am not alone in this, these creations would not have been possible without the close collaboration of several choreographers. Whether it's student or professional dancers they also deserves much respect to believe in these projects and perform on stage. Here are the latest creations signed Baila Productions. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBElwFgnSvydpt_SxeeD0gU3dQWjxH7f4