The First Online Completely Bilingual Salsa School.

The first online completely bilingual salsa school. All content will be in french and english…All the time;) A focus on Progressive content....Step by step guide and breakdowns.  From a pure beginner, casual Salsa dancer or seasoned one we have something for you. Professional quality audio and video. Also, theres a community board to ask questions and interact with your peers. We are starting with 6 full courses totalling more than 100 videos. New courses will be added every month. Well, thats not all...its not gonna be only about us, over the years we worked with amazing teacher and dancers. This new online school will feature some of the best talent in our business. It’s start now with one of the best salsa dancers in Canada Audrey Gaussiran.  She dropped some serious knowledge for beginners and advanced dancers. All of this for 19.95 a month all taxes included and you can  cancel at anytime. This school will be growing  and we'll be adding videos each month. So join us on