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Congratulations Baila Productions Laval Salsa School
Consumers and businesses in your area have chosen your company as the recipient of the 2021 Consumer Choice Award in the category: Dance School – Laval.
We are delighted to be able to share this news with you today and to offer you the opportunity to learn more about the Consumer Choice Award. To earn this award, you stood out from all the other businesses in your category, which is something you should be very proud of. You are recognized as a valued member of your community without having exerted any influence. You can now say that you have been chosen as the top rated business in your category.
To ensure that you have been chosen fairly and impartially, the Consumer Choice selection process uses data from a variety of reliable sources to produce accurate research results. You can be confident that you have been chosen on your own merit and your company’s reputation in your community.
Consumers are always looking for the best businesses in their area. In addition to claiming that you are the best, you will now be able to market that fact by using the Consumer Choice logo and take advantage of the various marketing programs available exclusively to winners of this award.
The recognized and prestigious symbol that is the Consumer Choice logo will allow your current and future customers to quickly identify you as a trusted company. This is the greatest advantage you have over your competitors.
Enclosed you will find the contact information of our business development manager in your area who will contact you. She will tell you more about the award, Consumer Choice and the process that led to your business.
As a Consumer Choice Award winner, you are now part of an exclusive group of companies recognized as the best in Canada!
Congratulations and welcome to the Winner’s Circle!

Jack McFadden President
Marie Andréa Poupart-Fuchs Business Development Manager
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