In latin dancing, personal space is a reality unknown to some.

Some understand and respect your invisible personal borders, but others will almost step over you while salsa dancing. You will feel comfortable dancing close to some dancers whereas you will need a professional distance with others. What happens if you want to dance at a reasonable distance, but your partner does not seem to share your views? Watch this video for an easy rule of thumb called “Les hommes aux intentions douteuses”.  Also check out the clip produced by Dance Dojo titled Dance is a conversation not a fight. Ilias Director Check out our Youtube channel with more than 300 videos

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What do you feel when you dance Salsa?

(Transcript) How did Salsa change your life? Salsa changed my life big time actually. I know it sounds dramatic, but it actually did. I had just become single again, and basically I met so many different people in the world of Salsa, especially at Baila Productions. There seems to be a little ambiance that gets generated throughout the classes. The higher you go, the more people you end up meeting and you end up having a totally new circle of friends.  Were you always interested in Salsa? Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, the only reason why I got into dancing is that I went on vacation, and there was a whole bunch of people I met there. They all knew how to Salsa dance. They tried to teach me, but unfortunately it didn’t work out too well. Because I saw how much fun they were having, when I got to Montreal, I looked up for Salsa classes in the West-Island. Baila Productions came up. They were registering for the classes that were started in 3 days. So I had to go register and chances are if it would’ve been longer, I would have changed my mind. But, because it was 3 days I was there. What do you feel when you dance Salsa? When I dance, first of all, it gets really hot because dancing is a great form of exercise. It just frees you. If I have a hard day at work or if I have things that stress me out at work or in personal life, when I go dancing, I forget everything. It’s really liberating Final words My name is Alex and I love Salsa. I seriously got into Salsa [...]

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