How did Salsa change your life?

Salsa changed my life big time actually. I know it sounds dramatic, but it actually did. I had just become single again, and basically I met so many different people in the world of Salsa, especially at Baila Productions. There seems to be a little ambiance that gets generated throughout the classes. The higher you go, the more people you end up meeting and you end up having a totally new circle of friends.

 Were you always interested in Salsa?

Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, the only reason why I got into dancing is that I went on vacation, and there was a whole bunch of people I met there. They all knew how to Salsa dance. They tried to teach me, but unfortunately it didn’t work out too well. Because I saw how much fun they were having, when I got to Montreal, I looked up for Salsa classes in the West-Island. Baila Productions came up. They were registering for the classes that were started in 3 days. So I had to go register and chances are if it would’ve been longer, I would have changed my mind. But, because it was 3 days I was there.

What do you feel when you dance Salsa?

When I dance, first of all, it gets really hot because dancing is a great form of exercise. It just frees you. If I have a hard day at work or if I have things that stress me out at work or in personal life, when I go dancing, I forget everything. It’s really liberating

Final words

My name is Alex and I love Salsa. I seriously got into Salsa and it has changed my life. I actually use to weigh over 200 pounds and all of that dancing brought me below 200 pounds. You’re gonna love it, seriously. It’s a way of life. You’ll be meeting tons of new people. You’ll be going out dancing and you’re really gonna have a great time.