Q: What do I do with the styling that I learn?

A: There are two large styling categories: the first one is based on the learning of general moves. This can translate into a short choreography or simply into studying the moves alone in front of a mirror. The second category consists of dancing in couples. For instance, we explore different variations of the Cross Body Lead. We put the arm movements into context. We usually start with the first category and proceed with the second one.


Q: Why should I buy dance shoes?

A: Dance shoes are lighter than common shoes. They provide women’s ankles with better support. The sole is often made of suede which helps the dancer turn. You may purchase a brush to scrape the suede sole in order to stick a bit to the floor or to slide better.


Q: What is the footwork for?

A: The footwork, commonly referred to as shines, originates from New York, more specifically from Eddie Torres. On the one hand, learning Shines aims to improve your style. On the other hand, it contributes to your balance and to your body’s memory. A further objective is to perform the steps with your partner on the dance floor without leading. At first, you use the footwork seen in class, but as you get more comfortable, your start improvising.