Once again this week, a student came to see me and told me that her friend had been ditched on the dance floor in the middle of a song. C’mon, fellas!

Her friend was humiliated, and she refused to dance for the rest of the night. It’s understandable. Just imagine what she felt like. Of course, she was a beginner and you know as well as I do that a beginner’s self-esteem is fragile. You have no idea how many people I had to comfort after such a situation. It’s a steep mountain to recovery, and sometimes it is simply impossible to climb. It’s a shame that she will never dance again. So, I’d like to send a message to the person who left her hanging on the dance floor: “What gives you the right to take someone and leave them high and dry without the courtesy to even finish a simple song? Why are you so special that you allow yourself the right to deny her valiant effort to dance for the first time with you? Maybe it’s because she would not allow you to show off your best moves to the crowd? Did you forget to ENJOY and share this musical moment? You probably think that not everyone deserves to dance with you, Your Highness. I think you have forgotten the basic rules of courtesy and respect. Since you seem to have missed that one, I invite you to a lesson in ethics on our Latin dance school’s dance floor. Divided into several phases, this class also impacts positively your manners and your relationships with others, and makes you realize your true value. Of course, some people underestimate themselves, but others become big-headed when they become good dancers. After this class, we hope you’ll find the kindness in your heart to finish a simple dance with a beginner, and that you’ll even enjoy to see the fire ignite in her eyes”.

Do you have a sad story related to dance you want to share?