First and foremost, following the “beat” is essential, otherwise even if you repeat a pattern 1000 times, you will not understand why it’s not working out… music is there to be a common reference base … the music is not some thing that plays in the background as in an elevator … music is something that we must actively listen to… I understand that a man may be concerned to succeed with his pattern, but if he’s not paying attention to the music, his chances to execute a pattern smoothly decreased drastically.

Also take a couple of basic steps with your partner before performing any complex patterns … set a pace between the two bodies so that everything happens in absolute comfort.

Secondly, distance management between partners is often an element in the dance that is overlooked… Your basic steps should be similar to your partner’s … take some basic steps to adjust to each other, you will avoid dancing like an accordion. The goal is to increase the connection, stay close to your partner and make small steps by default. This will enable you to connect more quickly and smoothly.

In terms of flexibility, always try to do your patterns with the least amount of force … So once you executed a pattern, try again and decrease the tension in your arms. Accuracy always prevails over force.

Lets summarize

1. Listen actively to the music

2. Stay close

3. Relax

See you on the dance floor !!!