et me elaborate further, it might be long so grab a good coffee lol

I made this video for all the people that made me aware of this situation. I’ve been teaching for 20 years, and I can tell you that this is a common situation and it generates a lot of frustration.

It is often I who raises morales by clarifying the situation which is girls being corrected on a dance floor … I begin by telling them that it is not necessarily their fault, because often they assume that it is 100% theirs. Knowing that there are plenty of reasons why a dance may turn out less pleasant, for example, an unpleasant attitude of one’s partner, someone who guides poorly or constantly corrects, I always point out that a good lead is capable of making anyone dance at her level of comfort, in order for her to have a good experience.

In addition, I am not against corrections and advice but am against doing this on the dance floor during a social especially where the girl did not ask anything … It can quickly turn humiliating or unpleasant for her and it would be a bit narcissistic on our part the boys?

Sometimes even if the person has good intentions, the effect it may leave on his partner at that time is not always positive.

Also, often the error is on the side of the man … to progress and improve his lead it is way better to always assume that it is his own fault and try to spend time clarifying the Lead instead of verbally directing our partners … much more effective … In my classes, I often see students correcting their partner and most of the time it is they who are making the mistake. It’s a classic!

Finally, it is certain that if a person asks us for advice, she will be much more receptive to the comments … on the opposite, if she did not ask us, we risk frustrating her because even the most cool and self-confident person is a bit fragile in their beginner stages in salsa and a tip or correction in a context that is not appropriate may not be helpful and even discourage the person.

Through the years, I have had hundreds of students who came to see me with this situation and it is almost always men who correct and advise … strange no? You have to live the experience of getting stopped and corrected 2-3 times during a dance to understand … several times I see men stop dancing and give dance classes on a dance floor during a social dance evening… they don’t even notice that their partner has lost her smile, for they are too busy playing the professor.

The purpose of this clip is to keep the interaction light on a dance floor. To keep the ‘flow’ of a dance. And finally, it is possible to guide someone who has never danced without correcting them.

In my opinion, this is the example of a good leader ……… one who is able to dance with all levels without the need to correct them.

It is far better to give wings to our partners instead of stopping them constantly in their flight.

Here’s hoping that you stop this nonsense and cultivate a more sensitive attitude towards your partners.