Once again, we’ve attended the Bromont Salsa Congress put together by Nancy Madison. There were performances, workshops, and nights of open dancing. This event is definitely one that cannot be overlooked by our Salsa dance school. This time around, I animated a musicality and body isolation workshop. In other words, it consists of using all your body parts to express music (well, maybe not all of them!). A Salsa Congress gives us the opportunity to get acquainted with new people and dance the night away. As for me, it’s always a great pleasure to meet with my dance peers again with whom I’ve performed in this great environment. We’ve put up 2 acts this year: the first, inspired by the movie Zorro, is a mix of Paso Doble, Waltz, and of course Salsa. The second, inspired by the TV show I Dream of Jeannie, is a mix of Salsa, Samba and belly dancing. The audience’s reaction to this act was phenomenal. It’s always a pleasure to perform in front of such a public. As I mentioned earlier, there is something special going on at this congress in Bromont.

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