One of the most common challenges beginner Salsa students meet is the ability to dance to the beat of the music. Not only must they follow the rhythm, but they also have to find the beginning of the musical phrase. In my classes, I often compare music with a conversation that starts and stops. Some pick it up early on, whereas others will need to train their ears. One thing is certain: you are not alone!

Here is a list of Latin songs that I play during my classes. The beginning of the musical phrase in these songs is well-punctuated. It is perfect for beginners. You may also read the article Does Latin music sound unfamiliar to your ears?which goes more deeply into perceiving Latin music and listening to it.

1. Yamulemau – Joe Arroyo

2. Acid – Ray Barretto

3. Mademoiselle je vous aime – Haitiando

4. Como Baila Marieta – Orestes Vitalo

5. Sway – Michael Bublé

6. Fragilidad – Milagros Pinera & Sanmera

7. Obsession – Aventura

8. Dimelo – Marc Anthony

9. Vale la Pena – Juan luis Guerra

10. Micalea – La sonora Carruseles

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